The Reception of Antiquity in Byzantium with Emphasis on the Palaeologan Era (Proceedings of International Conference, Sparti 3-5 November 2012), Editor Georgia Xanthaki-Karamanou (Research Institute of Byzantine Culture/Series I), Papazissi Publishers, Athens 2014, pp. xxvii+394, ISBN 978-960-02-3007-9.

This well-published volume, edited under the supervision of Professor Georgia Xanthaki-Karamanou, contains 14 papers presented by the distinguished participants of the International Conference of the Research Institute of Byzantine Culture held in Sparta. The main target of this Conference was to shed light on important aspects of the reception of Antiquity during the Byzantine period pointing to new research approaches revealing the fertile cultural osmosis of these two core periods of Greek history.  Ancient Greek culture acted as source of inspiration and as a powerful starting point for the cultural expressions of Byzantium and thereof of the Modern Hellenism. At the same time, the coexistence of the cultural achievements of Greek Antiquity and Byzantium acted as a cornerstone for European civilization. The Palaeologan Renaissance, which was expressed, among others, in the monuments and the intellectual prouction of Mystras foreshadows the Rennaisance in Europe.

The present volume is included in the Series of the Institute’s editions.